Lola's Day Off 606 Club Chelsea Jazz Funk Fusion LondonGETTING TO KNOW YOU:

Pete Ray Biggins (drums) Moyses dos Santos (bass) Carl Hudson (keyboards) Ant Law (guitar) James Gardiner Bateman (sax)

Tuesday December 17 | 8:30pm | £14












Lola is a showgirl from Rio de Janeiro. She's been doing the merengue & the cha-cha for 30 years or so, so it was time to give her a break.

It's a reference to the 1955 film Lola Montes, starring the glamorous French actress Martine Carol, who is the great aunt of bassist Moyses dos Santos. Sadly, Martine passed away at the age of 46 amd Moyses always wished she could have had an easier life.

Lola is the cat that lives at the band's rehearsal studio. She's a very playful, confident & curious animal, and the guys in the band want to bring that same spirit to their music!

Lola was a madwoman who used to walk arouind the local estate pushing a pram with a bucket that had a face painted on it.





You've organised some of the best current jazz/soul players on the scene for this group. How do you know these guys & what "special sauce" do they each bring to the sound?
Well firstly my best friend Moyses dos Santos we hang out alot, see bands know so many musicians and wanted to set up a funky fusion jazz band so weve been talking about this for a long time and now the time has come we just threw some names around and this is what has happened,, lol,, I met Ant Law when we played for Leon ware and I found him original and his own style markedly jazz and funky so hes always been a kat on my mind,,
I’ve met James when I played with him in bristol early this year, he creates his own sound which is refreshing for a sax player and he plays jazz, pop and funk.I met Carl before but never heard him play till Moyses said "bro, you have to see this dude". That was it he was the missing ingredient... there you have Lola's Day Off.

also we wanted to have some special guest's so Moyses has been very good friends with soweto and me emma so we wanted to bring them in for us to take this show to a more special musical place on stage.

We know you from your work with other bands including PB Underground & Level 42. What is unique about this new project, Lola's Day Off? Is there a particular concept that is behind the formation of the group, a specific itch you wanted to scratch?

PB: This project is unique as it brings along a group of experienced musicians each with his well defined path and vast experience, with styles going from traditional jazz to funk. .
Lolas day off is a band bringing together a diverse mix of sounds. With beats from powerhouse drummer Pete Ray Biggin accompanied by the deep groove of Moyses Dos Santos then topped of with the electric guitar of Ant Law and the hot sounds of James Gardiner-Batemans alto saxophone and heaviest funk cat, Carl hudson on keysWith all these elements this four piece bring a revolutionary new sound to the Funk/Jazz genre

Are you writing original tunes for Lola's Day Off? What are the references stylistically?
PB: Yes we’re witting original tunes and our references are kinda Roy Hardgrove/Yellow jackets/Kenny garratt with lots of fire

In terms of what's happening now in music whether here in the UK or globally, what other bands or musicians do you enjoy listening to/inspire you personally?

PB: I'm very inspired at the moment but thundercat and the bruner bros . From USA .. I've know these guys a good few years now personally and musically and these guys just always blow me away and get my blood rushing everytime I see and hear them. Ronald is one of my favourite drummers and always seems to uplift a show with his world-class drumming.

Tell us about your most exciting gig, ever! has to be with Chaka Khan,, that was amazing,, playing with level 42 is always a treat and incognito,,, all my childhood dreams came true,,

Please come to our show on the 17th as this is goin to be something very special!


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