Tuesday December 18 | 8:30pm

Hayley Sanderson 606 Club Chelsea

Hayley is a terrific singer who performs an impressive mix of Jazz, R&B and originals with a deft ease. A highly experienced performer, she includes work with the likes of Gloria Gaynor and the New Inspirational Gospel Choir and has an impressive amount of “bv” and studio work (including Talk Talk’s “Something In the Air”) along with numerous tours. Her work as one of the featured singers on TV’s “Strictly Come Dancing” combined with regular appearances at Ronnie Scott’s Club has earmarked this talented vocalist as someone to definitely watch out for. Tonight Hayley will be performing with The London Horns a fantastic band with a teriffic three-horn frontline who perform with a stylistic versatility and a “groove” feel that gives them an explosive live impact. Recently returned from the Kylie Minogue world tour the London Horns have established themselves as one of the most formidable musical front lines in the world. This amazing three horn front line create an electrifying, powerful and highly musical sound performing music which is a mix of groove originals and high energy standards. Plus there will be some great festive numbers too tonight… highly recommended.

“Strictly’s unsung resident singer Hayley Sanderson….blew away anything “that…show” has offered us this year”
News of The World


When did you first become interested in music, and what circumstances or events led to your becoming a professional musician?
My uncle is a blues bass/guitar player and I used to go and watch all his gigs while miming the piano at the front of the stage! I won a singing competition when I was twelve and spent the winnings on a P.A system. I was on the pub circuit from the age of twelve and there was never even a question about what I was going to do with my life, it just was my life!

What’s your favourite tune?
I'm in love with great composition, anyone from Mingus to The Beatles can move me so to pluck one tune of of a million would be impossible. It's like food, sometimes you want a steak and sometimes a bean and feta wrap.. but it has to taste good!!

Who is your greatest musical influence?
I really admire Neil Young, I think he stood up for his musical beliefs against the music business! Whether you like everything he did or not, the music came first with him and that is a wonderful example of how to be as a musician! If you can make music that reflects who you are and the things around you at that point in time then you've got it right!

Do you think that great singers are born with a special talent, or is it something that someone can develop?
If I'd have listened to myself as a young singer I would have said 'she'll never do it'. I had the love for music and my tuning was great but I feel years of listening to great singers from Ella Fitzgerald to Betty Davies has changed how I sing. I think everything you listen to you can absorb, and the more you listen, the more you learn! You can never assume you've got it down and there's no more you can learn... there's always something that can be improved! You can be born with an ability but then it's down to hard work to turn it into an art form.... You wouldn't expect a brass player to say he woke up and could play, it involved hard work, I think singers SHOULD treat their voices like an instrument and work at it!

Describe your most exciting gig, ever.
My most exciting gig was probably when I first played at Ronnie Scotts. I was young, inexperienced and in awe of the musical talent surrounding me. It was a massive learning curve and changed the way I approach music now... it was the beginning of another journey and into a world that I hadn't known and certainly made me address the job of a 'singer' as I knew it.

What's the thing you like most about working on Strictly Come Dancing?
I like the challenge of Strictly. It's completely impossible to be amazing at every single style of singing and to copy phrasing perfectly but it's something you have no choice with on this show! Whether it's classical or old school tight harmony we cover it.. It keeps my ears working and makes you quicker at identifying harmony.

Give us a playlist or mixtape with five songs from your iPod, Spotify or other audio device.
These are a few random songs from my Ipod....

Minnie Ripperton & Rotary Connection - I am the Black Gold of the Sun
The Beatles - Happiness is a Warm Gun
Mingus - Fables of Faubus
April Showers - from the Disney film Bambi
Sister Rosetta Tharpe - Didn't it Rain

Complete this thought: “I can’t live without…”
The Beatles

Name something you’re most proud of.
Not giving up!


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