When making your booking please note the following:

1) we have a limit of 12 for Saturday nights

2) Parties over 6 need to be mixed sex as we do not cater for stag and hen nights

3) If you are not members or musicians, due to our licensing restrictions you have to eat if you wish to drink alcohol.

4) For Fridays & Saturdays we ask for confirmation by telephone on the day by 5:00pm otherwise we are likely to give the table away

5) Table bookings can only be made for dinner. During the week (Mon - Thurs) non-members who are not eating are welcome for soft drinks as long as we have the space, but the weekends (Fri, Sat & most Sundays) are generally too busy to accommodate non-members who are not actually eating. If you wish to come down but not eat please call after 6:30pm on the night to check availability

6) Seating for table bookings made by e-mail less than 24 hours in advance cannot be guaranteed. Please call to confirm if you wish to make a booking on the same day.

7) If you do not receive a confirmation email within 48 hours after filling in the form, please give us a ring or email us again.