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#606 Live Stream: Tina May & Nikki Iles


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#606 Live Stream: Tina May & Nikki Iles


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Time:    8:00 - 9:15pm

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TINA MAY & NIKKI ILES Tina May is a multi-award winning vocalist who has established a well deserved reputation on the UK scene as a Jazz singer of great sophistication. From collaborations with musicians such as Stan Tracey, Dave Newton and Colin Towns through to work with the likes of Ray Bryant and Tony Coe, her pure toned voice and faultless delivery have earned her the respect and admiration of both audiences and musicians alike. With more than a dozen CD’s to her name she is widely regarded as one of the UK’s leading vocalists, producing some remarkable gigs and albums. Also featured tonight is Tina’s regular collaborator, pianist, teacher and composer Nikki Iles. Another multi-award-winning musician, Nikki is widely regarded as one of the finest modern jazz pianists in Europe. Tina and Nikki’s partnership goes back to 1998, when they recorded a duo record together, ‘Change of Sky’. This was the beginning of, as they say, a beautiful friendship, both on and off the stage and they have worked together in a variety of settings. But to hear just the two of them performing gems from the Great American Songbook or their own unexpected arrangements of pop songs is a genuine treat. 

“Tina May... one of the finest jazz vocalists the UK has ever produced.” All Music Guide; “Tina May remains the most expressive and technically gifted jazz singer on the UK scene“ The Scotsman; “Tina May and Nikki Iles have a rapport that takes a partnership between singer and pianist to a stage far beyond mere voice plus accompaniment” Observer; “Nikki Iles…a formidable UK jazz presence… intelligent, sharp and very musical” Guardian

Added on 20th March, 2021

#606 Live Stream: Tina May & Nikki Iles

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