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1. I’m having a problem seeing the stream. I’m getting a message that says “video not available” or similar.
The streams go live about 10 minutes before the gigs start. Before that, once you have paid, you should see a green “countdown” message at the top of the video screen telling you how much time Is left before the start of the event. If you are not seeing that countdown or in the 10 minutes before the gig seeing the holding page and hearing background music then you are seeing a previously cached version of the page and will need to reload it. On PC’s this involves pressing F5 or Ctrl F5 on your keyboard, on Macs it’s "Command + Shift + R". If that doesn’t work then the simplest and quickest option is to reboot your device. If none of that works please check that you have purchased the correct stream (it happens!) and if else fails feel free to call us on 020 7352 5953 and we will do  our best to get you up and running.

2. I’m having problems with my reception. The picture and sound keep cutting out or pausing.
The 606 Live Stream is an “adaptive” stream, like YouTube and Vimeo, so should recognise your device and the strength of your connection and adapt accordingly. You can, however, if you wish step the signal up or down manually by clicking on the “HD” icon in the bottom right hand side of the screen (top right hand side for ipads). This will bring up a menu showing the different rates at which you can access the broadcast. Just click on the rate you want and the stream will adjust to that selection. If you want to go back to your original rate go back to “HD” and select “Auto”.

3. What’s the best way to listen?
If you are on your own and listening on a phone or tablet the best way to listen is through headphones. Most PC’s have reasonable sound so shouldn’t be a problem. If you have the facility a very good way is to run the sound through separate speakers or ideally your TV for enhanced sound and picture

4. Can I book in advance?
Yes. The streaming gigs are usually available to purchase at least 6 days before the event. We recommend that you do purchase in advance so that on the evening of the event you can just log straight in to the Live stream without having to go through the payment process.

5. Can I watch this stream outside of the UK?
Yes. The steams are available worldwide. From the 1st August they will also be restreamed at 8:0pm in the EST time zone (New York, Connecticut, Florida etc) and again at 8:00pm in the Australian Eastern Standard Time zone (Sydney, Melbourne etc) 

Still have questions? Take a look at our '606 Online Info Page' or email jazz@606club.co.uk or by phone to 020 7352 5953 & we'll respond as quickly as we can.

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