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Membership Benefits

Membership is currently £175 per annum (renewal £130 per annum). The major advantages are:

  1. Cheaper 'Optional Music Charge', and a 10% discount on drinks
  2. A monthly newsletter, CD and gig-guide detailing the performers for the month, and events of special interest.
  3. Priority on booking, particularly 'Cancellation List' bookings on busy nights.
  4. Advanced notice of very special "for members" events.
  5. You can come in to the Club and enjoy an alcoholic drink in the Members Bar without ordering food.

Please note - the legal requirements of the "48 Hour" rule means these benefits become operable two days from the date of joining.


HOW TO Become a member

In order to obtain membership you need to pick up one of our "Membership Information" sheets when you visit the Club (please note these can only be obtained from the Club premises themselves, they cannot be posted or e-mailed).

On the reverse of the sheet there are three boxes that each require a dated signature from one of the managers every time you visit the Club, in this way we know that you have been to the Club at least three times. The idea of this is to prevent the possibility of "instant" membership, we do like to know that potential members have been supporting the Club before we sign them up! Once you have 3 dated signatures (i.e. demonstrated 3 separate visits) then you are eligible for membership and should talk to the duty manager who will be happy to process your application. If you have already been to the Club and booked a table (and remember the date so we can find it in our booking diary!) then we will of course include that written record as an authorised visit.

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