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Firstly, thanks for joining our Online community, your support both for the Club and for the musicians whose work is available within this site is greatly appreciated.

To help you navigate the site easily and efficiently it is separated in to different sections which can be accessed via the menu on the left hand side of your My Account landing page. You can return to this page at any time by clicking on the purple My Account button at the top of each page or the yellow “Account” box which you will find in the red header at the top of each page.

If you are a 606 Online: Live member (the basic free membership) then you will have limited functionality. You will be able to see everything but will only be able to access our Live Streams. That can be done by clicking on the Live Streams button in the left hand menu.

If you are a 606 Online: Live Member and would like to upgrade to the full 606 Online: Premium Membership then click on Upgrade Now which will take you to the payment portal.

If you are a paid up 606 Online: Premium  Member you will be able to access everything that is available on the site, which includes all Videos and Audio. You will also receive a discount on all Live Streams which will be applied automatically.

Videos and Audio that you have purchased to view will appear in your My Account page so that you don’t have to go searching for them each time you enter. Or, if you want to go in to the Video Library just click on the button in the menu to the left or on the View all Video bottom towards the bottom of the page and that will take you to where you can browse the many videos we have on offer. Every video has a 2 minute “taster” that allows you to check out a video before you purchase to view. And don’t forget, we are adding to the library constantly so it’s always worth checking regularly to see what’s new.

The price of the video and audio includes credit card processing costs and any other additional fees (such as PRS), with the remainder going entirely to the musician whose work you are accessing. Which means each time you make a payment you are helping to generate an income for that musician.

If you have logged on to watch a Live Stream and are browsing the site while you wait for it to start the easiest way to get to the streaming page when you are ready is to click on the purple Live Stream button at the top of the page. Alternatively, you can click on the yellow Account text as mentioned above. This will take you back to the menu where you can then select the Live Streaming page.

Please make a note of your Password as your e mail and password will be required each time you access the site. This is necessary for both 606 Live and 606 Online members as having an e mail and password allows us to offer you the option of payment in advance for any Live Streaming event. Crucially, we also have a backup server that engages automatically should there be any interruption in the stream from our main server. This should ensure uninterrupted viewing under most circumstances. Having your details means that the backup server can quickly and efficiently connect to all those who are registered to view and so ensure no loss of quality or flow.

Finally, if you have any comments, feedback or recommendations please do feel to drop us a line, we are always interested in ways to improve and value the contributions of our Members.

Thanks again and Enjoy!



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