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Covid 19 Safety Protocols, 30 July

30 July 2020

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“There is probably no club proprietor in the world who has taken on the responsibilities of making his club rule-compliant and safe for both the musicians and the audience with the seriousness and determination that [he] has.”

As we re-open on Thursday the 20th of August we thought we would share, below, just some of the many measures we have instituted to protect our customers, musicians and staff. The entire list of health and safety protocols we are adopting can be found in our twelve-page risk assessment that we are happy to make available upon request. We hope that you will enjoy your next visit to the Club confident that we are working constantly to reduce all risks while maintaining the atmosphere you know and love. 

:: The Club has an extract system in full working order, which was installed even before we had air conditioning. This means means we are able to both extract air from the room and pump air in from outside at a significant rate. This will work in conjunction with our existing A/C so that the air in the room is not being recirculated but constantly replaced.

:: We have sanitizing units at the entrance, at the floor staff station, in the bar and at the entrance and exits to both toilets
:: We have a wonderful new (and quite fun, lol) "traffic light" system for both our toilets that shows when the toilets are occupied and also, somewhat cleverly, is also set to avoid "collisions" in the toilet lobby

:: We have reduced our capacity and increased the seated space between customers to a minimum of 1m

:: We have upgraded our cleaning protocols to include sanitizing tables and chairs plus regular deep cleans

:: We will be checking the temperature of all our staff before work and asking them to sign a declaration that they are fit to work

:: We have introduced new protocols for the staff with regard to hand washing and sanitizing

:: We have introduced "single use" laminated menus. After a menu has been used it will be put in to a container for cleaning and sanitizing before being used again (the following night and/or at least 24 hours later). We feel, incidentally, that this is actually a safer way to deal with ordering than providing machines or phone apps, which have the possibility of being passed around and also need to be stored together (a restaurant like the 606 would need at least 10), giving rise to the possibility of cross contamination if not treated properly at all times.

:: We will sanitize the credit card machines after every use (we were actually doing this before we closed in March...)

:: We have set up clear plastic round screens to attach to the microphone of singers to cut down the aerosol risk, plus when we have singers performing we will remove the front tables to provide a minimum 3m distance between the singer and any audience member

Should you have any concerns that the above information does not address, please get in touch with us and we'll be happy to discuss this with you. Best way is email currently as we don't have a full complement of office staff, though we attempt to answer the phone whenever possible! Thanks for reading and we look forward to seeing you at the Club. 

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