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Covid 19 Safety Protocols July 2021

20 July 2021

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“There is probably no club proprietor in the world who has taken on the responsibilities of making his club rule-compliant and safe for both the musicians and the audience with the seriousness and determination that [he] has.”

Although all of the legal restrictions governing Covid protocols have now been removed, we are heeding Government advice to Open Up carefully and gradually.

As a result, a number of our existing protocols will remain in place, these include:

:: staff will continue to wear masks when operating on the floor
:: credit card machines will be regularly sanitized
:: we will keep our customer facing sanitizers at the entrance to the Club, next to the toilets etc
: we will continue to operate our Intake and Extract system. This is a system that pulls air in from outside and expels it to the outside, as recommended and which is separate from our Air Conditioning system
:: we will continue to operate our "traffic light" system for the toilets, which lets customers know when the toilet they wish to use is occupied. This will now, however, be informative rather than compulsory as previously

changes that we are making will be:

:: with a view to our policy of gradual normalisation and avoiding overcrowding we have now increased the capacity of the venue from the previously restricted 65 covers to around 90 (depending on table configurations). This is still around 20 covers less than our pre Covid numbers.
:: we will continue to display the NHS QR Code which we will be inviting customers to use, but utilisation of the Code will no longer be compulsory
:: we will invite customers to wear face masks on arriving, when moving around the venue and leaving, but again this will no longer be compulsory

These are all simple, non-intrusive, measures which we hope will continue to make your visit to the Club both enjoyable and safe.

If you would like to review our previous Covid statement from July last year, you can still read it here.

Should you have any concerns that the above information does not address, please get in touch with us and we'll be happy to discuss this with you. Best way is email currently as we don't have a full complement of office staff, though we attempt to answer the phone whenever possible! Thanks for reading and we look forward to seeing you at the Club. 

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